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The Trinity Decor Luxurious Lavender Room Spray

Lavender Room Spray is a very popular type of home fragrance that you can put on when you're trying to freshen up the air of your house. It smells great, because it has been known to help relieve the symptoms of depression. This means that this type of spray would be ideal for someone who is depressed and needs a little pick me up. The smell is also said to help people relax and improve moods. This room freshener produces a natural floral scent for uplifting spirits and relaxing the mind while aiding in creating a sleep inducing environment. Great as a natural air freshener or a deep sleep pillow spray! This is not just a linen spray for sheets but also a wonderful home fragrance and bathroom spray with a relaxing lavender aroma that will not only eliminate odors but keep your bathroom or bedroom feeling fresh too.

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