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Round Handmade Cotton Braid Coaster for Coffee Cup Table

“Morning is the best time of day,” I think as I sip my morning cup of coffee. It’s so quiet and peaceful and you have time to think before you begin your busy day. I place the cup onto my circular-shaped coaster on my coffee table. It can absorb any spills and it will protect the table from any scratches or condensation from the cup. Enjoy the morning peace with your beverage of choice. Protect your table with these beautiful coasters. Not only for coffee cups but they can also be used for glasses of cold beverages or candles or even placed under dishes of candy or nuts. Place them under any decorative items just to make them look attractive. The natural color of the 100% cotton looks great in any style of decor. Braided in a round shape with fringe around the edge, this coaster brings style to any home.

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